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Castle to Castle: A Tale of Two Disnerds - the Inspirational, International, Intersectional Disney Podcast

Welcome to Castle to Castle: a Tale of Two Disnerds!

Jun 9, 2011

In our 20th (yes!) episode, Mike tells us a little about three seperate shows that each once played in Disney parks, with some fun audio snippets to give a taste of what the attractions were actually like. After that, we have an email and a little more fun business, and then it's goodbye to Mike, as he heads off on...

Jun 5, 2011

Aloha and mahalo! This week, Mike & Emily don their figurative leis and grass skirts, and head to the islands to remember a sadly-neglected film, with a very misunderstood protagonist. No, the blue one. There are also some emails to be read, and if you want to add to our ever-growing pile, be sure to wing us...