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Castle to Castle: A Tale of Two Disnerds - the Inspirational, International, Intersectional Disney Podcast

Welcome to Castle to Castle: a Tale of Two Disnerds!

Sep 9, 2014

Good grief, it's an episode!

Just Mike, this time around, following up from #44's look at the history and awesomeness of the Tokyo Disney Resort, and in particular Tokyo Disneyland. This time around, we're having a look at Tokyo DisneySea - which recently celebrated its 13th anniversary - with a little less history, and a LOT more awesomeness! 13 semi-specific slices of Mike-suggested awesomeness, to be specific.

After those, there's a little bit of fantasmic audio immersion therapy, and then it's back to wondering what on Earth will happen next time! If you happen to be pre-cogniscent, have a clue, or even a suggestion, please let us know, through Facebook, Twitter, a review (following a subscription!) on iTunes, or at - and, as always, enjoy! 

Links 'n' Stuff:

The blog that inspired the episode - 10 Reasons Tokyo DisneySea is Disney's Best Park

For assorted TDR history, the Oriental Land Company's 50th anniversary site