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Castle to Castle: A Tale of Two Disnerds - the Inspirational, International, Intersectional Disney Podcast

Welcome to Castle to Castle: a Tale of Two Disnerds!

Jun 1, 2015

Trigger/Content Warning for discussion of female infertility & related stigma!

This time, Emily and Mike are joined by the lovely Pete, and get into some pretty serious stuff (Age of Ultron, Princess of North Sudan)...some pretty silly stuff (conspiracies and fan theories!)...and some heartwarming stuff (we got an email!). Just another episode with the Disnerds then, amirite?, and you enjoy this episode, let us know! You can Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Tumblr, subscribe to us on iTunes, and email us at - and, as always, enjoy! 

Links 'n' Stuff:

Kiva and her Kickstarter!

The Pixar Theory...