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Castle to Castle: A Tale of Two Disnerds - the Inspirational, International, Intersectional Disney Podcast

Welcome to Castle to Castle: a Tale of Two Disnerds!

Mar 31, 2013

Back again - eventually - as always! This month, Mike and Emily discuss the American Disnerd's trip to the original Disneyland, way back in December. There's lots of music and laughter, a bit of Star Wars, a bit of gushing - all the stuff you've come to know and love from the Disnerds. If you enjoyed the show, or want to let us know some of your favourite moments in Castle to Castle history, talk to us: by email, at, on Facebook, and on Twitter - and, always, enjoy!

Links 'n' Stuff - presented by Jake Baez!:

Alcohol in the Magic Kingdom.

Awesome Wreck-It Ralph promo.

Inki and the Mynah Bird.

Disney's Limited Time Magic campaign.

Also, from Mike's university friend Daniella, a video on strong female characters (including Disney princesses!).