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Castle to Castle: A Tale of Two Disnerds - the Inspirational, International, Intersectional Disney Podcast

Welcome to Castle to Castle: a Tale of Two Disnerds!

Jun 30, 2014

As Mick Jones of Big Audio Dynamite sings at the end of 'The Bottom Line': gonna take you to, gonna take you to, gonna take you to Part 2...

Anybody? No? Okay.

Anyway, yes, this is Part 2 of episode 42, and we think it stands up pretty well to Part 1! First, Mike and Emily discuss the recently-unveiled (and adorable) teaser trailer for Disney/Marvel's Big Hero 6, then Clare and Lou return, to round off the MouseMeets discussion with all of the fun of day 2. Mike and Emily return, for a little bit of editorial discussion that's a lot more interesting than that might sound, and then it's time for a slightly long outro that reminds us all to Be Proud!

We really hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it - let us know what you think, on Facebook (75 Likes...can we get 100?), Twitter, by reviewing us (go on...) on iTunes, or by emailing us at - and, as always, enjoy!

Links 'n' Stuff:

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Teaser trailer for Big Hero 6

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Awesome (and delightful!) advice for travelling to Tokyo Disney Resort, from Fat Hobbit